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Australia, as everyone knows, has avoided the dreaded overloading of the health system with Covid 19 illness. We are currently in a honeymoon period  – once domestic travel starts and next year international travel starts we will start to see cases.

The aim now is to stay home from work, school, daycare if you are unwell and be tested.

COVID-19 Diagnosis and Testing

Tests are not perfect (30% failure rate especially early in the illness) but it is all we have.

When people are diagnosed we must not demonise them but be thankful they are identified. Then appropriate quarantine of them and people they have been in contact with can shut down local spread quickly.

It seems clear that spread by people with little in the way of symptoms is going to be the biggest problem. Social/Personal distancing 1.5m, washing/sterilising hands often, cough/sneezing into your elbow, don’t touch your face,  are still the most important habits to keep.

Masks remain tricky to give advice on. On public transport, planes or when social distancing is difficult (Rusty’s market etc) wearing a mask may protect others from you but probably not you from someone coughing/sneezing in front of you.


The Covid 19 app, COVIDSafe, may help in the future. Hopefully, its issues on some phones will be sorted out by the time it is really useful in a few months.

Our Telephone Appointments Are Still Available

To help streamline testing for you we are keeping appointments open for telephone consultation at 11am and 2pm each day.

Sullivan and Nicolaides Drive Through Testing

After telehealth/phone consultation we are generally referring patients to the Sullivan and Nicolaides drive through testing at Toogood Rd, Woree. No appointment required for drive through.

An electronic request is sent to them during the consultation. You will not require a paper form to be tested.

Generally, it is taking 2 days to get the report back  – we will contact you with the result.

Children in car seats are not suitable for testing at the drive through. Sullivan and Nicolaides  are asking you to call 1300 411 748 before going to the collection centre if unable to use the drive through.

If you would like to discuss COVID 19 testing and the drive through process, contact our friendly reception staff today.

Call 07 4036 4333