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Elderly patients can now come to a Geriatrician at the practice instead of having to go into the hospital thanks to pilot QLD Health program, Open Arch.

Transcription below:

“For 77 year old Marlene, getting older is no barrier to independence,” -Siobhan McKenna.

“For me, this is where I’m very independent, and want to live at home, have a healthier lifestyle,” – Marlene Crook.

“It’s all thanks to a new revolution in aged care. Through Open Arch, Marlene can now receive quality medical care from the comfort of her home,” – Siobhan McKenna.

“Instead of the patient having to go out to the hospital and be disconnected from their usual general practice, Open Arch comes to here, and so the patient gets assessed in our practice,” – Dr. Jason Delaney.

“Aged care workers will visit patients at home, helping to identify possible injuries or illnesses before they escalate. They will then be able to head to their GP where specialists doctors will treat them, saving them a trip to the hospital,” – Siobhan McKenna.

“We’re trying to relieve the pressure by getting to people before they need to present to the emergency department, so looking at reversible or remedial courses of disability,” – Dr. Edward Strivens.

“With an ageing population, services like this are critical to easing the pressure on our health system,” – Siobhan McKenna.

“We know that around 10% of the over 70 population require some form of coordinated community supports, be that complex home care packages, or be that residential care,” – Dr. Edward Strivens.

“They hope to see services like this rolled out nationwide,” – Siobhan McKenna.

“By showing the benefits of programmes like this, we’re actually helping to roll it out elsewhere within the state, and indeed the country,” – Dr. Edward Strivens.

“Siobhan McKenna, WIN News,” – Siobhan McKenna.


Video Credit: WIN News

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